Artifact Inspection and Media Acquired

Today DJ, Shannon, and I made another visit to the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum.  This visit proved to be quite beneficial as we uncovered a virtual treasure trove of artifacts and media to use in our Scalar project about the Pueblo Army Air Base.  While there, we also performed some basic cleaning functions for the museum in a quid pro quo in exchange for them allowing us access to their unique displays and artifacts.

DJ and I methodically worked our way through the main display case that contained a myriad of photos, medals, I.D. cards, and other fascinating artifacts from the air base.  We removed each item from the case, and then we cleaned both the items and the case.  Once we were done photographing the artifacts we planned to use in our project, we replaced them all back in the case in the same respective places from which they had come.  In this way, we managed to both perform a service for the museum and obtain some needed media for the Scalar project.  I took around 27 photos, but I have to go through them to determine which are worth keeping and which should be discarded.

Shannon was able to rip a copy of a video about the Pueblo Army Air Base from one of the displays for use in our project.  When I say rip, I don’t mean physically, but rather he was able to copy the video from the DVD that the video was on to his computer.  We would obviously never damage any artifacts in any way.  We plan to feature this video on our Scalar, and I think we will be able to host it on youtube for the viewing pleasure of our site’s visitors.

Until next time, thanks for reading!

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