Difficulty with Scalar Sorted Out

We have been having difficulty getting everyone oriented on the same scalar page.  We each have our own page, but getting those pages to coordinate was not working.  Initially we decided to use Shanon Sinclair’s scalar for all of us to work on, but this proved difficult because of accessibility reason.  Shanon did not sign-up for scalar through Reclaim Hosting like the rest of us had, so for some reason it would not recognize the rest of us.  After working with the program for awhile, we were finally able to get everyone equal access to Michael Moore’s scalar found at www.emptythoughts.net.  Unfortunately, we had to re accomplish some of the work that had already been done on Shanon’s scalar, but now we are back on track.   I feel like this will make all future work we are doing on the Pueblo Army Air Base much simpler, and I will soon be adding my chronology to it as soon as it is done.

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