Internship at Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum – Week 1 (14 May 2018 Thru 18 May 2018)

This week I started my Summer internship at the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum located in Pueblo, Colorado.  The internship is for six credit hours, so I will have a significant investment in work at the museum this Summer.  It will take approximately 8 1/2 weeks to meet the minimum hourly requirements to satisfy the internship for six credit hours if I work Monday thru Friday from 1000-1600 daily.  There will be some additional days that I will work on the week-ends from time to time that will also go towards my hourly total as well.

This week began with a re-hash of most of the duties I performed when I volunteered at the museum as a docent prior to the internship.  I performed the opening and closing sequences of hangars one and two which includes turning on exhibit monitors and videos and unlocking doors before visitors arrive at the museum.  Once the museum opened, I introduced guests to the museum itself and provided an overview of the facility.  I give a brief history lesson about the Pueblo Army Air Base that existed at the location before the museum and the airport, and then I describe what each hangar contains and perform a quick safety briefing before releasing our guests to peruse the museum at their own pace.

I also acted as tour guide to several larger groups that visited the museum during the week.  I was assigned to hangar one which is primarily dedicated to World War II and earlier aircraft and displays.  I walked the groups to individual aircraft and displays, and then I provided a brief synopsis on the history and pertinent facts about the exhibit’s subject or aircraft.  Children ask a lot of questions, so I have to be prepared for the myriad of questions that come from them about the strangest of subjects.  Overall, it was an interesting week that allowed me to re-familiarize myself with the museum and get updated on new exhibits and aircraft.  I am told that there will be some research work and restoration work for next, so my duties will be expanded beyond the normal duties of a docent.

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