Internship at Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum – Week 5 (11 Jun 2018 Thru 15 Jun 2018)

This week was a return to normal museum operations. Not all aircraft have yet been moved to their final positions, but planning is on-going to determine where those positions will yet be. Several large tour groups came through this week, and I was tasked as a tour guide to assist with these tour groups. In addition to this, I continued my education about some of the museum’s fascinating aircraft.

When large tour groups come through the museum, it is standard practice to divide the group up into smaller, more manageable groups.  One groupd typically begins the tour in Hangar Two, while the other will start in Hangar One.  If there are a large number of children present, sometimes STEM support will be offered by Cork, our personal physicist that runs the museum’s STEM lab for children.

When I am on tour group duty, I normally find myself in Hangar One.  Typically, the tour begins with a background of Pueblo Army Air Base followed by a comparison of the B-29 and the Bleriot XI.  These two aircraft were the pinnacle of technology at the time of their introduction, and they provide a nice comparison of the rate of advancement in aviation technology during the first half of the Twentieth Century.  The tour then continues around the rest of the museum with a brief description of the rest of the aircraft and exhibits.

One aircraft that many people are surprised about is the museum’s Alexander Eaglerock.  It is a biplane produced in the mid-1920s in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Much of the factory where the Eaglerock was produced is still standing on Nevada Blvd, and for a brief period, Alexander was one of the largest producers of aircraft in the world.  The Eaglerock was primarily used as a mail plane, and it was used to deliver mail to remote places of the world – including mining camps high in the Rocky Mountains.  Most visitors to the museum are unaware of Colorado’s history as an aircraft manufacturer, and the Alexander Eaglerock comes as quite a surprise to them.

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