Scalar Work Achieved

Over the course of this weekend, I was able to work a bit on the Scalar project about the Pueblo Army Air Base.  Each member of the group has selected certain pages/subjects of the project on which to concentrate, and two of mine are a chronology of the base and a page on the celebrities that visited the base when it was active during the Second World War.  The chronology was completed, and the celebrity page has been completed for the most part.

The chronology page is a chronological list of events that pertain to Pueblo Army Air Base from its creation in 1942 until its closure in 1947.  Major events are chronicled including arrival and departure of Commanding Officers, accidents and mishaps, major social events, and other major events like the switch from the B-24 as the base’s main training aircraft to the new B-29 in 1945.  This gives a line-by-line approximation of events that occurred during the base’s relatively short lifespan.

The celebrity page talks about visitations from famous celebrities to entertain the troops when the base was active during the Second World War.  Most of these entertainers and celebrities came to the base as part of the USO to help lift morale.  Most were famous actors and singers like Bing Crosby and Albert Dekker, but others were there as part of the training groups at PAAB like Clark Gable.  On the page itself, I provided a brief synopsis along with a little bit of information about what that celebrity would have been known for during the time of their visit.  I hope that viewers will find the information interesting.

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