Thursday’s Museum Visit

On Thursday March 29, 2018. our group returned to the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum to gather more media for the Scalar project that we’re working on about the history of the Pueblo Army Air Base.  We had hoped to gain access to one of the glass cases that contained many photographs of the base and its personnel, but unfortunately neither the museum’s president or vice president were on the premises to provide that access.  The trip was not wasted, however, since we were able to gather other media from exhibits elsewhere in the museum.

One exhibit in particular that we wished to photograph was a model of Pueblo Army Air Base sometimes referred to as the “sand table”.  The table has a clear acrylic covering that makes photography difficult due to reflections from the overhead lights.  The four of us were able to remove the large acrylic cover, and this allowed a series of panoramic photos to be taken from overhead that should add nicely to our Scalar project.  Other photos were taken in the museum as well, and these will be uploaded to the Scalar’s media section to be peppered throughout the project as deemed appropriate.

Another visit to the aircraft museum is planned to gather the media from the display that we were unable to get on this occasion.  We have a deal in place with the museum staff that we will clean the inside of the case in exchange for access to the material.  This should prove mutually beneficial to both us and the museum, and we would like to thank the Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum and their staff for their assistance.  If it were not for them, this project would likely not be possible.

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