Work Continues on the Pueblo Army Air Base Scalar

After an eventful week, the group and I are now getting down to the end product of our Scalar.  The final product is due to our professor in Monday, April 30, so we are trying our best to polish the content in order to make what we have done look as professional as possible.  My work has centered on two main areas over the last two days.

The first area has been the chronology of the air base.  I thought that I was done with that particular page, but it turns out there were a couple of problems.  First, I put way too much information in there for a project of this scope.  My professor’s feedback was difficult to take after I had spent so many hours on the research for that particular part of the project, but I will concede that no everyone’s as much a nerd as I am about this stuff.  Therefore I have taken the digital scissors to it considerably, and I have trimmed it down to where it is about a tenth of what it used to be.  I have also expanded on the entries that remained in order to highlight the importance of them for the site’s visitors.

Secondly, I took all of the information I had collected in the chronology about aircraft accidents at PAAB and created a new page dedicated to just that aspect of PAAB’s history.  I felt that the high number of accidents and deaths should be memorialized and remembered, so why not create a separate page in the Scalar to commemorate their sacrifices?  I already had the research done, but it still took me quite a few hours to put together a decent page that coalesced the information into a readable page.  I also pulled in some images of crashed bombers to dress the page up a little, but not I could not find images that were directly associated with PAAB.  I substituted one just so viewers would get an idea of what I was writing about, and I made a notation on the photo that it was not an aircraft from PAAB.

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